Inter Versiculos ––in whatever location –– is inconceivable without our beloved master poet and teacher, David Money. His skill, wit and abundant generosity never cease to amaze. He held us spellbound from the outset, and in the course of the workshop challenged, nurtured, and demanded excellence from each of us, whether we were taking our first tottering steps or found ourselves further along on our Latin journey.

On a more mundane level, Inter Versiculos in Sicilia would not have been possible without institutional support from The University of Michigan and the American University of Rome. The UM’s Department of Classical Studies and the Residential College were generous financially, and staff from these and other units, as well as the AUR, worked tirelessly and creatively to make sure that the program would run smoothly.

The pastoral setting of Fontanasalsa near Trapani, Sicily offered an idyllic seat for our immersion into poetic composition. From the proprietor, our dear Dottoressa, to the dogs, everyone at Fontanasalsa worked tirelessly and ingeniously to nurture and inspire us. Colette was the magician that pulled the strings and masterminded the choreography that ensured our needs were met––even before we knew we had them!

For our excursions we relied upon Michelangelo and his amazing team of drivers. Safe, reliable, personable –– and flexible, this team got us where we needed to go and charmed us into the bargain. On site Paul Gwynne brought Sicilian history to life.

For many dimensions of the workshop Kristen Hook offered her linguistic and organizational talent. Finally, Patrick Owens readily, willingly, ably jumped into the breach on several occasions, contributing importantly to the smooth working of our workshop. His gracious introductions in beautiful, personal, fluent Latin during the public performance added luster to a memorable finale our last evening at Fontanasalsa.

Website: The Language Resource Center and its staff were invaluable for help, both practical and financial, in transcribing the workshop into website form. Karla Herndon and Gina Soter developed the concept and content of the website, Karla Herndon was our main photographer, and Diego Rojas Salvador was our website creator. It has been a collaborative effort.

Graphic design: Amy Bobeda and Henry Herndon.