Resources: Modern Latin Verse

Neo-Latin verse, 19th century and before
  • Perosa, A., and Sparrow, J., eds., 1979: Renaissance Latin Verse: an Anthology, London; Duckworth, 1979 (presented without translations)
  • McFarlane, I.D., 1980: Renaissance Latin Poetry, Manchester University Press
  • Musae Anglicanae Anglice Redditae: A Selection of Latin Verse Written in Latin by British Poets of the 18th Century, translation and introduction by John Gilmore Coventry: The Derek Walcott Press, 2007
  • Gibson, Donald, Wilkinson, Peter and French, Stephen, eds., 2008: Thomas Gray: Elegy in a Country Churchyard: Latin Translations 1762-2001, Orpington: The Holden Press
  • Musarum Anglicanarum Analecta, several editions, 1698-1761 (e.g. Addison, J., ed., 1699; Bourne, V., ed., 1741)
  • Kaiser, L.M., ed., 1984: Early American Latin Verse, University of Chicago, (anthology thru 1820: Colonial years and early Independence)
  • Society for neo-Latin Studies (SNLS) online teaching anthology


DK Money, Latin poems
  • Verbeke, Money and Deneire, eds., 2006: Ramillies, a commemoration in prose and verse of the 300th anniversary of the battle of Ramillies, 1706, Bringfield’s Head Press, (a collection of historical and literary essays with original poems, mostly in Latin, by several authors including D.K. Money)
  • Money, D.K., ed., 2008: 1708, Oudenarde and Lille, a tercentenary commemoration in prose and verse, Bringfield’s Head Press, (a collection of historical and literary essays with original poems, mostly in Latin, by several authors including D.K. Money)
  • original Latin poems:

    – Walker, Mark, ed., 2009: Britannica Latina: 2000 Years of British Latin, Stroud: History Press, pp. 102-4

    – Walker, Mark, ed.: Vates, The Journal of New Latin Poetry, (online journal – various issues from 2010 onwards)

    – Cooper, William, ed., 2014: Poematia Moderna: Modern Latin Poetry, Wilmington: Scaeva Press, pp. 166-69

    -“Latin poems written in America, 2010 and 2011,”The Classical Outlook, 89.2, 2012, pp. 44-49,


Additional Neo-Latin Poetry of the 20th and 21st century
  • Sacré, D. and Smets, M., eds., 1999: Tonight They all Dance: 92 Latin and English Haiku, Wauconda: Bolchazy-Carducci
  • Coombs, Stephen 2015: In Perendinum Aevum, Portaloise: Evertype. (reviewed by DKM in Vates
  • Cooper, Wm. ed. 2014: Poematia Moderna: Modern Latin Poetry, Wilmington: Scaeva Press (a collection of 280 poems by 85 authors from 19 nations, including Smarius, A., Walker, M., Koutroubas, Dem., Pekkanen, T., et al.)
  • Radke, Anna Elissa, ed. 2005: Alaudae ephemeridis nova series, (Noctes Neolatinae: Bd 5) Hildesheim: Olms, (includes some essays, and examples of poems from several living poets, including D.K.Money, G. Allesch, K. Zeleny)
  • Moskowitz, Marc, ed:, Contemporary Latin Verse/Poesis Latina Hodierna
  • Walker, M., 2015: The Vates Anthology of New Latin Poetry, Pineapple Publications


  • Binns, J.W., ed., 1974: The Latin Poetry of English Poets, Routledge & K Paul, (a collection of essays by various authors on the Latin poetry of English poets from the Elizabethan to the Victorian age)
  • Binns, J.W., 1990: Intellectual Culture in Elizabethan and Jacobean England: The Latin Writings of the Age, F Cairns Publications
  • Bradner, L., 1940: Musae Anglicanae – A History of Anglo-Latin Poetry, 1500–1925. New York: MLA; London: Oxford University Press, 1940. (presented without English translations
  • Money, D.K., 1998: The English Horace: Anthony Alsop and the Tradition of British Latin Verse, Oxford: British Academy
  • Money, D.K., 2015: “Epigram and Occasional Poetry”, in The Oxford Handbook of Neo-Latin, Knight, S. and Tilg, S., eds, Oxford University Press, pp. 73-86
  • Money, D.K., 2015: “Latin for Mrs Jones”, in Journal of Intercultural Inquiry, Issue 1
  • Ford et al, eds., 2014: Brill’s Encyclopedia of the Neo-Latin World, (The Renaissance Society of America Texts and Studies Series, 3. 2 vols.) Leiden and Boston: Brill


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