The primary reason for wishing to write Latin poetry may be the pure enjoyment of doing so. It can be inspiring to realize that it is possible to express oneself in an elegant and vigorous language that has been loved by countless thousands of authors, both amateur and dedicated, from ancient times to the present.

There are also tangible academic benefits for Latin scholars at all levels of study. The demands of thinking as a poet, rather than merely as a reader, refines understanding of both meter and language. One can gain new insights into the reasons why poets have chosen particular vocabulary or word order. While many scholars may grasp such insights without themselves composing verse, these practical details come more easily and naturally to those who have engaged in the challenges of the actual discipline of writing. As with many art forms, one of the best ways to understand how others have done it is to try to do it oneself.

The composition of Latin verse has a very long history in schools and universities, but has fallen out of favor in most places over the last few decades. A week-long semi-immersion workshop therefore provides an ideal opportunity to bring together people who want the rigorous experience of this special form of writing under the guidance of an experienced, internationally recognized writer of Latin verse.

David K Money