A field trip to the nearby trout farm
to fish for inspiration

Fish story

Piscatricem hamo piscis non prodis inhausto,
sed tunica indicat sanguine tincta nigro

Oh fish, having swallowed the hook, you don’t betray the girl who caught you,
but her shirt, stained with black blood, tells all.

by Karla

Ad Pisces

Dixi piscibus: “Aspere negatis
amico mihimet viro favorem.
Cur hoc? Commodior lacu domus mi
est et in tepidissima culina
quo loco usque focus calet salutans.
Sic gaudebitis hospites apud me.”
Ex undis modo bullulas videbam;
infelix abii domum precator,
piscator sed ineptior videbar.
Nunc cervum solitum petam vel aprum;
illis hospitium dabo benignum
et utcumque potest sedes honoris.

I said to the fish: “You harshly refuse me, though a friend, a favor. Why do you do this? I have a home more comfortable than your lake and in my very warm kitchen a welcoming hearth burns. Thus, you will be happy being guests at my house.” I just saw a few bubbles from the water; unlucky in my request I went home, but I seemed to be a rather inept fisherman. Now I will hunt my accustomed deer or boar; I will give them a kindly welcome and seats of honor however one can.

by Patrick


uncus trux tibi displicebit ore,
spadix tructula. deinde eum eximemus.
et tum te penitus bonam coquemus.

The savage hook in your mouth will be displeasing,
little brown trout. Then we will remove it.
And then we will completely cook you.

The Dr. Seuss translation:
Little brown trout
The hook in your mouth
does make you pout
before I cook you
I’ll take it out.

by Tina