Inter Versiculos would not have been possible without generous financial support from the Department of Classical Studies, Residential College, Contexts for Classics, Arts at Michigan, and Language Resource Center Graduate Media Assistant Program.

The idyllic, pastoral setting of Lakeside Farm in Dexter, Michigan set the scene for our immersion into poetic composition. The Keene Theater at the Residential College provided a stage for our public reading. The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology invited us for a reception and private viewing of the collection, and the University of Michigan Museum of Art granted access to images from its collection. Both musea inspired our poetry, past and future, as did the Spring Valley Trout Farm.

To David (and Mildred), in appreciation

Musarum comes et poeta noster,
David, tam patiens et erudite!
Tirones tibi nunc coīmus una
Gratias breviter pias agentes
Pro tuis operis modisque fictis
(Doctis, Juppiter, atque tam facetis)
Qui mentes oculosque fascinabant.
Mildred, Musa superba, Musa vestra,
Stet posthac ubicumque scribis ullos
Pedes et numeros; tuumque nomen
Plus uno maneat perenne saeclo!

O friend of the Muses and our poet,
David, so patient and learned!
Your initiates are now assembled
To briefly and dutifully give their thanks
For your work and those verses
(Lord, how learned and witty they were!)
Which were wont to charm our minds and eyes.
May Mildred, the lofty Muse, your Muse,
Hereafter remain wherever you compose any
Verse and meter; and may your name
Remain constantly for more than an age!

Peter G

Website: The Language Resource Center and its staff have been invaluable for help, both practical and financial, in transcribing the workshop into website form. Morgan O. Morel was our videographer, Diego Rojas Salvador and Casey Olson, were our website creators, Karla Herndon and Gina Soter developed the concept and content of the website. It has been a collaborative effort. Graphic Artist: Cynthia Burton created our promotional materials.