Gender Studies


Note: the repeated greeting Salve! is intended to be shouted out by participants, to make sure that the Muse gets the message.

Salve, rustica Musa, loci quae carmine ducis
omnia per calidum sub monte negotia tempus
incipiamus enim nova carmina rure petentes.
Salve! Sis nostris semper tironibus alma:
Salve iterum ne sis ignorans surdaque, salve!

Hail, rustic Muse, who leads in song all the business of this place under the mountain, through this hot season; so, let us begin to seek new songs in the countryside. Hi! May you always be kind to our beginners. Hi again – and in case you are unaware and deaf, HI!

and the origin of the “Inter Versiculos” Muses:

The following poem was inspired by a note, a collective effort of inspiration from “Paul’s group” of participants:

“The set-up: Dear Prof Money, we regret to inform you that indeed there was a Muse who overheard your denial of the existence of Muses. She was not amused, and is now musing upon your punishment.
Please share with us your attempt to propitiate this Muse. Her name is Agenda.”

Thus Agenda joined the committee of “Inter Versiculos” Muses: on previous occasions we have also invoked Mildred, a Muse of rural Michigan, and Brenda, a representative of urban America (suggested at a Latin lecture in Kentucky).



Apologia ad Musam inconsulte spretam

Dicentem audisti nullas superesse Camenas
   me miserum: venis aestuat ira tuis.
Te superesse negat nemo; tua plena potestas
   perpetuo nobis cuncta labore regit.
Te generis neutri pluralemque esse negandum’st;
   es, tibi confiteor, femina, vera dea.
Tu potes ad poenas hominem damnare rebellem
   horribiles: vacuam rem sine fine loqui.
Impius est qui te spernit, neque numen adorat;
   te pietate nova semper, Agenda, colam.



You heard unhappy me declaring that no Muses still survived: anger boils in your veins. No one denies that you survive; your plenary power rules everything for us with unceasing work. It should be denied, though, that you are a neuter plural noun: you are, I confess, feminine, and a true goddess. You can condemn a rebel to horrible punishment: endless discussion of a pointless item. Anyone who scorns you and fails to adore your divinity is impious: with renewed piety I shall always cultivate you, Agenda.